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We produce solutions that will make your life easier.

We are a creative clinic focused on long-term relationships with clients.

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We make sure your treatments are comfortable and stress-free so you can have the perfect experience.

who we are
who we are

Prof.Dr. Hüseyin OKUTAN

Who Are We?

In Antalya, Turkey, we offer you the best treatment and result for your cardiovascular diseases with the best experience.

With our expert staff, we always offer you the best treatment and minimize your pain.

By overcoming your fears, you can have cardiovascular surgery in our clinic with minimum pain and the best experience.

  • Reliable, prompt treatment and years of experience.
  • Experienced staff and expert will take care of you.
  • Surgeries performed meticulously in hospitals.
  • There will be no communication problems you and the staff.

Pathways to the Solution for Your Health

Follow these steps to regain your old health and have a much better heart! We know you deserve the best and least risky bypass and heart surgery.


Contact Us & Consultancy

Send your current illnesses and problems to our professional patient coordinators.


Analysis & Roadmap

Our specialists will assess your condition and decide on the right treatment for you.


Appointment and Interview

As long as you make your appointment and we do our job. You just enjoy your new healthy life!

The Paths We Follow

What You Need to Know.

Find out everything you need to know about how we are creating your new health and more.

You can make an appointment for the most suitable day by contacting our team regarding your requests and requests. You can also observe our services and procedures online in our working environment.

After completing your analysis, our professional experts will show you the most suitable techniques and inform you immediately. After you come to our clinic, you are assigned with the special operations team. We perform your surgery in a full-fledged hospital under the control of our experienced specialists. After this point, all you have to do is sit and rest. You will then be informed in every detail to achieve the best results.

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We offer solutions that will make our patients' lives happier.

Our clinic consists of experts in the field. We value the quality of treatments and the happiness on our patients' faces. Our staff will advise you professionally and inform you.

We do not risk your health. In order not to risk your health before, during and after the treatment, your treatment will be meticulously planted in a full-fledged clinic.

You can always come back to visit our clinic after your procedure. Feel free to ask us about treatments because we value happiness and satisfaction.

“Prof. Dr. Hüseyin OKUTAN I Derim for Those Who Have Heart Disease”


Patient Comment

“My teacher Huseyin is a perfect person with her knowledge, knowledge and gentlemanliness, to whom you will surrender yourself safely.”


Patient Comment

“I am your patient, who has a 3-vascular by-pass, teacher Rıza Sarıkaya, your work seriousness and your sensitivity to your patient impressed me a lot. ”

Rıza Sarıkaya

Patient Comment

“I would like to thank my teacher Hüseyin Kabukcu. My father regained his health after the operation”


Patient Comment

Our Community

Don't take our word for it. See what patients are saying about us.

Here, before / after / before the operation of our patients / services and transfer, etc. You can find their thoughts on the subject. We attach importance to "quality" and "safety" in our health services.

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