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Avocado is a fruit that takes its name from the Aztec civilization. Aztecs means male ovaries, which are grown in Mexico from three different types of avocado. They said "Ahuacatl". This caused him to be described as the sexiest fruit. Its name has changed over the centuries and has survived to the present day as an avocado. It is known as a powerful aphrodisiac. When it ripens, the fruit that is soft delicious and bitter when it is hard has high nutritional value. It has anti-constipation and immune system strengthening properties. The unsaturated fatty acids that it contains prevent the increase of cholesterol in the blood. Avocado, which is consumed by the heart and vascular patients without fear, does not contain harmful substances that cause toxic substances in the body, and it is a fruit that can be eaten in a variety of ways. The salad can be eaten as canape types, pasta sauce, and a Guacamole appetizer typical of Mexican cuisine. Guacamole is a Central American and Cuban appetizer made with avocado. This food, which is of Aztec origin, is valued in terms of its fat and vitamins. Generally, it is made by crushing avocado and adding tomatoes and salt. This food, which became famous in Spain after the Spanish invasion of America, caused the Spanish to try to grow avocados. Guacamole It is crushed thoroughly without being mashed with a fork. Put the crushed tomatoes and salt next to it and mix the ingredients. Lemon juice is also added to preserve taste and color. In addition to this, finely chopped onion, hot pepper, garlic, coriander and spice varieties can be added, and these ingredients are mixed with crushed avocado, tomato, salt and lemon juice without being mashed. Some varieties may contain cream, peppercorns and milk. It can be added to the mixture in hot sauce according to your wish. The prepared mixture is kept in the refrigerator and eaten cold. Crushed avocado mixed with honey and crushed walnut. Peeled and crushed avocado mixed with garlic yogurt. 75% of avocado calories come from fats, most of which are monounsaturated fats. Based on values ​​of 100 g, avocados contain 35% more potassium than bananas. (485 mg- in avocado; banana (358 mg)). Vitamin B is also rich in vitamin E and vitamin K. Avocados are 75% insoluble and contain 25% soluble fiber. It has been determined in preliminary studies that high avocado consumption may provide low blood cholesterol level. In addition to the vitamins E and C it contains, it also offers protein and healthy fats, while vitamin E, which is naturally found in avocado, has natural protection features against sun aging, smoke and polluted air.