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'Small incision' remedy for the fear of the patient who had 12 operations

Ahmet Çoban (53), who was operated 12 times after a traffic accident in Antalya and was afraid of operation, was told that he had to undergo a surgery when he had a heart attack. Çoban, who did not want to undergo an operation, was entered through a small incision and was persuaded with 'minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery'.

In Antalya, retired farmer Ahmet Çoban woke up in June with a sudden chest pain one night. After his wife Fadime Çoban informed the 112 Emergency Call Center, the medics who came home determined that Ahmet Çoban had a heart attack. The shepherd was immediately taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance. The first intervention here, the Shepherd, was told that the heart vessels were blocked and that a bypass should be performed. Ahmet Çoban, who had 12 operations from various parts of his body due to a traffic accident in 2004 and had fear of operation, said he did not want to have surgery for his family and doctors. While his family's persuasion efforts were fruitless, the Shepherd said he was afraid that he would be operated on by cutting the chest bones.

Convinced with 'Small Cut'

Çoban family, while looking for remedies for bypass, came to Medicalpark Antalya Hospital and asked for an examination here. Cardiovascular Surgeon of the Hospital Dr. Hüseyin Okutan explained that 'minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery' may be appropriate by entering through a small incision to help the patient overcome the fear of surgery. Convinced Shepherd, was immediately taken to the surgery and the heart vessels were bypassed. Stating that Ahmet Çoban, who recovered on the second day of the surgery, detected that there was an intense contraction in the heart vessels when he was first brought to the hospital. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan said:

In the heart surgery, the upper part of the chest, which we normally call the 'faith board', is cut upright and divided into two. Veins are attached while the heart is in place. Heart surgery is done in the world like this; However, in recent years, we started to operate by entering into the chest between the ribs without cutting bones. Very little is done. The number of this surgery is below 5. Otherwise, the patient can stay in the hospital for weeks. In the new method, he is discharged within 2 days. The risk of infection is less.

Ahmet Çoban, who stated that he was happy to have his health, was talking about the fear of surgery, wherever I went was called surgery. Professor Dr. I spoke with Hüseyin Okutan and said that I would not have my chest cut. Professor Dr. The recipient convinced me, saying that he will not be too painful and painful. He said I am happy to have my health.