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In Antalya, two dialysis patients Orhan Akın and Emine Deke were simultaneously bypassed and kidney transplanted in a private hospital. In Antalya, two patients with dialysis patients whose heart vessels were blocked, 52-year-old Orhan Akın and 67-year-old Emine Deke were simultaneously bypassed and kidney transplanted in a private hospital. Stating that they used this method for the first time in the world, Head of the Organ Transplant Center. Dr. Alper Demirbaş said, “We have applied this method to 22 patients until today. The patients got rid of two vital diseases with a single operation. ” Orhan Akın, a retired worker living in Antalya, became a kidney patient in 2001 due to diabetes. The kidneys of Akın, who continued his life with drug treatment, went bankrupt 20 days ago. Beginning on dialysis, Akın's 52-year-old sister Gülizar Ersu volunteered to give her uncle's kidney. The two applied to the Medical Park Organ Transplant Center for transplantation. After the examinations, 2 veins of Akın, father of 3 children, were blocked. Doctors then decided to have a bypass and kidney transplant at the same time. Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital Director Prof. Dr. Orhan Akın, who was taken into surgery by Hüseyin Okutan, first opened his closed veins. Then, the patient was delivered to the organ transplant team without being awakened. Professor Dr. The team, headed by Alper Demirbaş, successfully transplanted the kidney from Gülizar Ersu to Akın. Having recovered from two major diseases with a single operation, Akın said, “It was a risky operation, but it was very successful. I feel so good. I would like to thank my redhead and my doctors. ” The mother of 6 children, Emine Deke, gained health with the same method. Deke, who lives in Alanya District of Antalya, was diagnosed with diabetes 25 years ago. Heart and kidney disease developed in Deke 5 years ago due to diabetes. The family applied to Medikal Park Antalya Hospital when they did not want to operate Emine Deke, whose 3 veins were clogged to the heart, and many hospitals did not want to operate by saying “they stay on the table”. After determining the kidney failure in Deke after the examinations, the doctors decided to have a bypass and kidney transplant at the same time. Emine Deke's 38-year-old son, Turgut Deke, volunteered to give her mother her kidney. Emine Deke, who was taken into surgery last week, first underwent a bypass and then a kidney transplant. Saying that he feels like being reborn, Deke said, “I am very happy to have achieved my health. "I got rid of both dialysis and pain," he said. RISK IS DECREASING Head of the Organ Transplantation Center, which provides information about the operations. Dr. Alper Demirbaş said: “Both patients are actually diabetic. One of the most important consequences of diabetes is damaging the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Of renal disease in diabetes Turkey lies behind the half. Performing two surgeries at the same time protects the patient from the negative effects of dialysis entered after heart surgery. The risk is reduced since the patient does not need to undergo 2 major operations in a row. The hospital stay is shortened. The patient gets rid of anesthesia twice. We applied this method for the first time. With the latest surgeries, we recovered 22 patients in this way. We will announce the results of these surgeries at international congresses. ”