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Okutan: “Long Inactivity Eases Vein Occlusion”
Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital Director Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan, formed by blood clotting in the vein that brings dirty blood to the heart ...
Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital Director Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan said that the clinical picture formed by the clotting of the blood inside the vein that brought dirty blood to the heart was encountered as a vein occlusion disorder.

Underlining that the heavy surgeries, which were broken due to accidents, large bones, immobility for a long time facilitated vein occlusion. Dr. Huseyin Okutan emphasized that some hormone drugs used may also cause obstruction.

"Those with risk factors should take precautions"

He also gave information about the frequency of vascular occlusion in the society. Dr. Okutan said, "The more the risk factors of this disease are found together, the more frequent it is seen. It is seen more frequently in people who have coagulation disorders, who use hormone drugs, overweight, inactive people. Vein occlusion can occur even in the surgeries that people who have these risk factors. even in the operation of these patients, precautions should be taken to prevent vein occlusion. "

"There are many methods for melting clot"

He added that preventing the progression of medication in progression is the first target. Dr. Okutan, "Then, the current clot is tried to be dissolved with drugs. Surgical methods are used to empty the clot, remove it from the area by sucking or breaking it. A new method is to insert a catheter into the clogged vessel with the help of an ultrasound and doppler. It is possible to break down the clot with the help of drug and ultrasound waves. Again, it is another method to separate the clot with micromotors and suck these parts out, "he said.

"Early intervention increases success rate"

Speaking about whether these methods will be applied to all vein patients, Prof. Dr. Okutan said, "It is appropriate to clog the clot with dissolving medication in the first 15 days. "When it is applied early, success rates reach up to 90 percent."

"Take a break on trips and walk often"

As to what needs to be done to prevent vein occlusion, Professor. Dr. The recipient said:

"Staying still increases this risk. It is important to walk as often as possible in plane, bus or car travels. We need to be more careful if we use drugs that will facilitate clotting. It is not known that nutrition affects this issue. However, sports and being active are important. Sports injuries and this due to immobility can also facilitate the obstruction. Also, if there is an obstruction, the recurrence rate is higher than the patients who have not had any obstruction. "