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Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Okutan was born on June 6, 1967 in Antalya. He successfully completed the TUS exam in 1999 and received the title of associate professor in 2005.

After her specialization in medicine, she wrote the thesis on "Hemodynamic measurements in small-diameter mechanical aortic valves and their effects on postoperative mid-term left ventricular mass" at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University in 1999. (Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Öztekin OTO, Dokuz Eylül University Cardiovascular Surgery Department Lecturer)

He completed his military service in Van Ozelp in 1994 as a Medical Ensign (236 Term, February 1994 – May 1995) at the 2nd Gendarmerie Border Battalion Command.

Married and father of two children, Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Okutan is fluent in English.


  • Associate Professorship in Cardiovascular Surgery: (14-04-2005)
  • Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist (1999): Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine, Izmir
  • Doctor of Medicine (1990): Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Antalya
  • Antalya High School, Antalya (1984)
  • Faruk Tugayoğlu Secondary School, Antalya (1981)
  • Gazi Mustafa Kemal Primary School, Antalya (1978)

Medical Expertise Areas

  • Adult heart surgery
  • Coronary by-pass surgeries
  • Heart valve repairs
  • Aortic dissection and aneurysm surgeries
  • Peripheral vascular diseases
  • Varicose and venosystem diseases
  • Pediatric cardiovascular surgery diseases

Lectures Given

  • Coronary artery disease and cabg.
  • Lymphedema clinic
  • Valve diseases
  • Valve diseases
  • Diseases of the venous system
  • Valve diseases
  • Thorax traumas

Scientific Organizations Members

  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Pediatric Cardiology Association
  • Turkish Society of Cardiology
  • Thorax Society
  • Phlebology Association
  • Turkish Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery Association
  • The European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • The European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
  • European Society of Cardiology

Assignments and Memberships

  • Observer (2002): Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, USA.
  • Assistant Director of the Center, Deputy Head of the Department, Head of the Department / Department of Art
  • In Higher Education Institutions and Commissions Established by These Institutions or Organizations; Duty in University Bodies or Commissions Established by the Rector's Office
  • Assistant Professor representative of the board of directors of the faculty of medicine
  • Assistant Professor Representative of Faculty of Medicine Faculty Board
  • International Qualified; Duty in the Managements, Boards, Commissions or Committees of Scientific, Professional, Social, Cultural and Economic Institutions and Organizations
  • (European cardiology society, cardiovascular surgery sub-working group membership) Working Group On Cardiovascular Surgery Of The European Society Of Cardiology WG-25.
  • Speaker / Panelist at Events such as Panels, Conferences, Seminars, Open Sessions and Talks about her field
  • Refereeing in Other Scientific or Professional Refereed Journals
  • Technical Note Published in Refereed Journals, Writing a Letter to the Editor
  • Writing of Technical Notes, Letters to the Editor, Discussions, Case Reports and Articles Except for Abstracts Published in Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Technical Note Published in Refereed Journals, Writing a Letter to the Editor
  • Graft Holder for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (T.C. Turkish Patent Institute. 18-10-2006. B.14.1.TPE.
  • Bendable Surgical Arm for Holding Instrument (T.C. Turkish Patent Institute. 31-10-2007. B.14.1.TPE.0.10.01-2007/04567)
  • Rail Sternum Retractor for Heart Surgery (T.C. Turkish Patent Institute, 20.11.2009-B.14.1.TPE.0.10.01-2009/08840)