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Organized in cooperation with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital Director, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department. Dr. The conference titled “Coronary Heart Disease and Bypass”, which Hüseyin Okutan attended as a speaker, was held at the Metropolitan Municipality Culture Hall. Professor Dr. Citizens showed great interest to Hüseyin Okutan's informative meeting. During the meeting, information was given on coronary heart disease, by-pass, causes of cardiovascular disease, diagnostic methods, and medical and surgical treatments. STARTING AGE FALLED Dr. The recipient stated that heart conditions are among the diseases of the age, and that this disease started to develop at a very early age, and that they divide the factors that cause the disease into variable and unchangeable risk factors. Okutan explained that 85 percent of deaths over 65 are caused by heart diseases. Noting that heart diseases are more common in men, Okutan noted that menopause, family history and age are among the irreversible risk factors. TOP 5 MINUTES VERY IMPORTANT Dr. Okutan emphasized that smoking, total cholesterol, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive stress and irritability are changeable risk factors that cause heart disease and that it is possible to eliminate these risks. Indicating that they apply medicated treatment, angiographic interventions, surgical treatment methods for cardiac patients, Okutan underlined that the first 5 minutes are very important in case of heart attack. Saying that aspirin should be given to the person suffering from the crisis, Okutan said that it should be brought together with the healthcare team without losing time. Professor Dr. After the presentation of Hüseyin Okutan, the citizens received their answers by asking the questions they were curious about.