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The leaves of the plant, also known as “Akkız” in Balıkesir, “Sarıcakız” in Bigadiç and Savaştepe, and “Akdiken” in Konya, are also sticky and thorny. It is in the family of Compositae, known as Şevket-i Bostan (Scolymus hispanicus L.) Compositae, whose growth end ends with a yellow flower. It is among the coastal regions and Central Anatolia natural sprawl areas in our country. It is also reported that it grows in Southern Europe, Southern Russia, Crimea. Şevket-i bostan has been used by herbalists since the 1500s for herbal treatment, especially because of its laxative effect, to increase milk in lactating women, where it removes diuretic effects and intestinal discomfort. Şevket-i bostan is cooked with lamb meat and boiled in boiling water and eaten with olive oil and lemon as a salad. It is stated that boiled water is good for kidney stones and sand when drunk on an empty stomach in the morning.