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67-year-old patient with ballooning in the main artery of the abdomen, Director of Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital. Dr. Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital Director, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department Prof.Dr. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan and Opr. Dr. EVAR (Closed Surgery) was performed to 67-year-old Galip Özkaya, who was diagnosed with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (Ballooning in the Abdominal Arteries) by the operation performed by İlker Tekin. THANKS TO DOCTORS Galip Özkaya, upon the fact that the doctors told him that there was a problem in the vein coming down the heart from the heart and therefore he should appear in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, they came to the Medical Park Antalya Heart Hospital and Prof. Dr. Stating that after the interviews with Hüseyin Okutan, the MR of the vessels was taken and then the treatment was performed, Prof. Dr. He thanked Hüseyin Okutan and everyone who contributed. SUCCESSFUL Professor stated that the operation was successful. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan said in his statement: “Abdomil Aortic Aneurysm (Ballooning in the Abdominal Artery of the Abdomen) is a serious disease that is rarely seen in the society and causes sudden death as a result of sudden rupture without any symptoms or complaints. In this disease, which is 5 times more common in men than in women and starts in the 50s, high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol level, genetic factors and additional arterial disease risk factors, and the evaluation of people with these risk factors by cardiovascular surgery, it is important for early diagnosis. ” Galip Özkaya, 67, a father of 2 retired children living in Elmalı, Antalya, said that he had a cyst in his kidneys for 10 years, and that he always went to the hospital for control. Galip Özkaya, who stated that he went to the hospital when the time of control came, stated that they had a tomography for control of the cyst, and that immediately after the tomography, the doctors told him that he had a more important disease than the cyst.