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Professor Dr. Hüseyin Okutan stated that the heart attack has become a serious threat to the youth in recent years. Okutan pointed out to the AA reporter that the technology pushed people into laziness and increased cardiovascular diseases due to stress. Hüseyin Okutan pointed out that there is an increase in the number of young patients who come to the hospital with complaints of heart disease. Professor Dr. "As the risk factors increase, especially the number of young people who have had heart disease has started to increase in recent times," recited the recipient. He said that there is a risk of losing his life, even if the patient has had a heart attack for the first time. Noting that people should take into account the reactions from their body, Okutan said, “Consider your chest, left arm, chin, back pain and consult a doctor. These troubles can be a harbinger of a heart attack. ” Emphasizing that early diagnosis is a savior in heart disease as in any disease, Okutan stated that if the disease is diagnosed early, the treatment opportunity becomes easier and the patient has the opportunity to live more comfortably in later periods. Evaluating the heart disease as “one of the most important diseases of the age”, Okutan pointed out that it is a serious problem to see this disease in younger people every year.